About the MAFF file format

MAFF files are standard ZIP files containing one or more web pages, images, or other downloadable content. Additional metadata, like the original page address, is saved along with the content. Unlike the related MHTML format, MAFF is compressed and particularly suited for large media files.

About the Mozilla Archive Format add-on

The Mozilla Archive Format add-on is an independently developed program that can be installed on Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) to open and save MAFF and MHTML archives.

The technology required by Mozilla Archive Format is no longer supported in Firefox since November 14, 2017, and support in Firefox ESR ends on September 5, 2018.

The ability to save web pages as MAFF or MHTML is disabled by default in Firefox. While this functionality can be enabled again from the options, the Save Page WE add-on can also be installed alongside the Mozilla Archive Format add-on to save complete web pages in a single HTML file. Pages saved in this way will be compatible with future versions of Firefox.

Converting previously saved pages

A guided procedure can be used to convert your saved pages to a different file format. By default, the procedure will look for MAFF and MHTML archives and convert them to HTML pages which can be opened with any browser.

You should always keep a backup copy of the originals, because in some cases the styling might not be replicated accurately. Read the documentation for details.

The conversion is recommended for most situations, but if you have a large collection of saved web pages and converting them is not practical, you may consider the alternative solutions listed below.

Other software supporting MAFF and MHTML archives