Mozilla Archive Format

MAFF and MHT support for your browser, and more.

If you saved web pages using Internet Explorer and can't open them with Firefox the Mozilla Archive Format add-on is for you.

If you want to save pages reliably, using a durable and universal file format the Mozilla Archive Format add-on is for you.

  • MAFF is a single-file format that contains one or more web pages.
    • Save disk space, since MAFF is based on ZIP
    • Include video and audio, WebM, Vorbis, Theora and more
    • Be universal, compatible with Linux and other platforms
    • Use an open format, with no risk of vendor lock-in
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  • MHT is usually created by Internet Explorer or other browsers. The Mozilla Archive Format add-on can read and create MHT files, with excellent compatibility.
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  • Faithful Save allows all saved pages to appear exactly like the original, regardless of the file format or save command you choose.
  • Title Save is an optional feature that changes the default behavior of the browser, suggesting the document's title in place of the remote file name when saving.

Download and install

Install Mozilla Archive Format

For Firefox and SeaMonkey.

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Discover All the Features

  • Save in Single File
  • Create Faithful Snapshot
  • Store Video and Audio
  • Link to the Original
  • Convert Saved Pages
  • Open by Clicking Icon
  • Simple
  • Performant
  • Compact
  • Compatible
  • Open Source
  • Popular

Read the Online Documentation

Basic usage, how to convert saved pages, and more.